digitally printed wallcoverings

Create spaces you can’t pass by indifferently

Enrich your investment with durable and stylish wall murals that look like the real thing. Their delight cause the effect of "WOW!" and... make the competition jealous.

We will provide you full support at every stage. From individual design, through printing, to assembly in the indicated place.

All this in less than 15 days.

Are you in the middle of the planning or completion of your object and have the feeling that you lack the proverbial “point over and” or that you prefer the “icing on the cake”?

Maybe the missing puzzle piece that completes your creation is a properly selected wallpaper?

Create space you can brag about

Thanks to Digi4Wall, you will find wallpapers that are not only durable and beautiful, but also perfectly matched to the occasion and the places where they are to be.

Enrich the interior

Classic printed wallpapers with different structures and high weights – and additionally with the necessary certificates.

Ideal for offices, study rooms and other commercial or residential areas.

Use outdoors

DigiOut is a line of printed wallpapers with increased resistance to weathering.

They are used on facades and other outdoor areas of buildings.

Even, if it's wet

DigiWet are wallpapers that are made for rooms with high humidity.

They are completely waterproof, so you can easily use them in bathrooms, shower, SPA zones or swimming pools.

Why Digi4Wall?

We have been supporting designers, architects, builders and private customers for 10 years.

We are manufacturers of printed wallcoverings, which are used in residential buildings as well as in commercial objects. We take care of their uniqueness, excellent properties and above all that they are beautiful and offer a variety of visual impressions.

It’s time they came to you, too!

Stylish wallpaper is not everything

Learn about other important benefits of working with our company.
Here are some examples of why it is worthwhile:

Excellent performance parameters

Digital printing wallcoverings are not exhibits that you are "only allowed to look at", but full-fledged furnishing in a space that are meant to be used.

We create them from vinyl or fleece - with real user needs in mind. This is why they are extremely resistant to abrasion, easy to clean and protected from other factors, includingL high and low temperatures and sunlight.

Straight from the Polish manufacturer

The entire process, from the design to the packaging of the finished product, takes place on site in Poland.

To produce wallpapers we use modern machinery, proven raw materials and unquestionable skills of experienced specialists.

It is thanks to them that we have every, even the smallest, detail under control, we eliminate possible errors, and most importantly - we care about repeatable and constantly high quality.

Full personalization and virtually unlimited design possibilities

Do you have a ready space design project in your head and you only need contractor who will take care of your idea?

Or maybe you are looking for help in designing something completely rom scratch?

Here you will find both. Show us your vision, a simple sketch, just an inspiration or simply - use the extensive database of previously prepared photo wallpapers.

Are you looking for inspiration or evidence that we know our work?

Order in 3 steps


Email us on or phone us +48 664 308 060

When contacting us, please provide us with all the necessary information about the order: its size, location and appearance.


We will get acquainted with your needs and the details of the order in order to present you with a detailed offer.

If your project requires it - we will come to the investment site to carry out an inspection and take the necessary measurements.


In 14 days, we will prepare a design and print, and then deliver the photo wallpaper to the address indicated.

Remember that you can order the assembly service together with it. Just let us know.

The above steps apply to investment orders - for designers, architects and persons responsible for the implementation of projects related to the arrangement of office and commercial interiors.

If you are an individual customer – write to We will put you in touch with a distributor that works in your area. A full list of places where you can buy our wall murals can be found here.